The Wizard of Iz

The Wizard of Iz, is a masterpiece of conservative humor and inspiration. When a tornado blows Dorothy from her constitutionally governed America (circa 1900) into the 2016 election (her house lands on Obama.) she must rescue the "Free-Lunchkins" from the slavery of welfare dependence, Save the brainless scarecrow from the mindless indoctrinations of graduate school and help the cowardly RINO find some courage. Our heroes must ford the main stream, under the medias threatening glare, stop the "Wicked Witch of Chappaqua" and, ultimately learn the secret to restoring America, from a most unlikely source!

Some people claim that Frank L. Baum's masterpiece, "The Wizard of OZ," is a political allegory touching on many issues of his day. But the broad themes, of remote and oppressive government, celebrity politicians with more style than substance (and even less principle,) applies to our times as much as his. Indeed, our modern political culture, where the skill of marketing and campaigning is all and wisdom of governance is nothing, fairly begs to be parodied.

Ultimately, "OZ" is about dishonesty and credulity. The politician, whose skill at the former best matches the electorate's propensity for the latter, wins. Good triumphs only when the regular people learn the truth and the demagogues are undone by their own inherent vulnerabilities. The Witch's susceptibility to water is an allegorical rendering of the Wizard's fall from the pedestal when the curtain is pulled back. Both are really nothing, without the ability to deceive.

In our time, The Wizard's smoke and mirrors seem positively quaint. Today we are deceived by world class experts. Can our generation tear down the facade and redeem the simple truths that made America free? Let's find out.

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